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Water resistance and easy release of already installed panels are the new features of the new proven fold-down locking system Megaloc

The CLASSEN Group's Megaloc systems have proven themselves in the flooring industry for 16 years. A leading manufacturer of high-quality laminate and PVC-free polymer flooring is taking the next step and expanding the Megaloc portfolio with two new features. And it's not just CLASSEN that is set to benefit from the technological advancement: The family-owned company is now making the reliable installation systems available to the entire flooring market.


Each plank reusable

Megaloc "next generation" combines the positive properties of the previous Megaloc locking system for laminate floors in the CLASSEN range in a new system. It is waterproof like the established Megaloc AquaProtect and does not allow liquids to penetrate through the joints of the edge profiles even after 48 hours. As a result, it effortlessly withstands frequent use from cleaning or splashing water. In addition, a new, patented design of the short side profile makes it easy to disconnect-connect panels that have already been joined without damaging them: with the new system the adjacent short sides of the panels are simply folded apart.

Engineered Wood "Next Generation”

The de-installation of engineered wood panels with mechanical locking systems has been difficult up to now. That is why CLASSEN also developed the first Megaloc system for wood flooring products: Megaloc XXL. This innovative fold-down system can also be installed in minutes and taken up again just as quickly. Long and wide plank formats commonly found on engineered wood products previously made it difficult to detach installed planks;these can now be separated just as easily at the short side of the panels and locked again. De-installation no longer requires careful, difficult horizontal shifting, because simply folding up the locked panels ensures non-destructive release. An additional benefit of Megaloc XXL is the penetration of water into the joint area is also effectively prevented, protecting the valuable precious wood floor.

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