24 hours protection against water!

megaloc aqua protect makes the difference.

New water resistant fold-down installation system for laminate floors.

megaloc aqua protect is so easy to install and gives you full protection. This unique system provides reliable water resistance by preventing water from entering the joints.

5 innovations of megaloc aqua protect

Excellent results according NALFA

The NALFA test is a standardized method to assess the water behaviour of laminate flooring. The megaloc aqua protect system enables protection against edge swelling and ensures a durable floor to enjoy.

Daily use, cleaning and splash situations can consequently no longer damage the floor.

Average Thickness Swelling

The following requirements are planned by NALFA after 24 hours water load:

Passage safety against water after 24 hours water load

Eberhard Herrmann

Head of our Technology and Testing Centre in Baruth

Made wet: how our new megaloc aqua protect installation system performs in the NALFA test

I have been working in the laminate industry for 20 years now and have developed and helped develop many innovations. It is not new that laminate can hardly be distinguished visually from original wooden floors. It’s not new that laminate is super easy and quick to lay. What is really new is that we can make laminate really water-resistant with the megaloc aqua protect installation system. It makes me proud that we at CLASSEN have succeeded in doing this and have thus reached a new category. Now laminate can be used for the entire living area and even in damp rooms.

Collections with megaloc aqua protect system

Visiogrande. The laminate tile. Made by Classen.
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Authentic and genuine. Unique and lively. Visiogrande convinces with authentic decors and surfaces with impressive structure.

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A floor is an item of furniture. It has to fit you and your life. It must be as authentic and personal as you are. A premium laminate like SENSA quickly becomes a part of you. We at CLASSEN know this from our own experience.

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Home is where you love, dance, dream and relax. Where you cook, shower, play and spill. On a laminate as versatile as your life, as robust as you need it to be. Cosy in the living room, scratch-resistant in the children's room, durable in the kitchen and even water-resistant in the bathroom.

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